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Program Overview
RESTORE is an online, comprehensive, individualized weight management program. Incorporating evidence-based science, we personalize care based on your unique physiology. Your provider and coach will review your labs, hormones, underlying medical history, microbiome and tailor a program to help restore your metabolism and achieve your desired weight loss.
Program Benefits
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Online Program

JivaHealth RESTORE is a completely virtual weight loss program. Care is delivered via telemedicine through our JivaHealth app. You will have virtual video visits and direct communication via text with our health coaches and providers if needed. Medications and supplements can be delivered for free to your home.

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Monthly Provider Visit

Providers will review your labs, hormones, gut health, and medical history to tailor a program to help restore your metabolism and achieve your desired weight loss.
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Weekly Health Coach Visits

Personalized weekly 1 on 1 coaching keeps you accountable. Coaches help you find an eating plan that you enjoy. They provide you with the tools and knowledge to create lasting habits and lifestyle changes.
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Microbiome Analysis

Included in the program, is a free microbiome analysis. If your gut is unbalanced, it can lower your metabolism and promote weight gain. The RESTORE program focuses on restoring your gut microbiome.

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Real Food

We provide customized nutritional guidance based on your unique metabolism and microbiome.
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Weight Loss Medications and Supplements

We offer prescription weight loss medications and over the counter supplements for those who medically qualify. All medications can be delivered to your home.


We give guidance on how to burn more energy throughout your day and build muscle to improve metabolism.

Key features of the Restore Program

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