Jiva Health’s New Clinical Program for Patients with Obesity.


Online Weight Loss Program

Program Overview
RESTORE is an online, comprehensive, individualized weight management program that Jiva Health offers. RESTORE’s approach is different from all other weight loss programs. A proprietary process aims for successful results through the new science of gut biome.

At RESTORE, we look at eating as if it’s two sides of a coin:
When to eat
What to eat

We use simple, time-tested 16/8 Intermittent Fasting when eating, which is easy to do and most effective.

In our experience with hundreds of patients, we found that the water only 16 hours of fasting makes people hungry and loopy, and they self-sabotage and drop out of the 16/8 program. So, to stop the self-sabotage of hunger, our team of doctors has come up with fasting-mimicking 16/8 by adding vegan fat and coffee without sugar or sweetener. The ‘hungry and loopy’ is replaced by a ‘hungry and alert’ feeling because it’s shifting the fuel source from quick-burning carb to slow-burning fat as part of metabolic changes.

RESTORE 16/8 Intermittent Fasting also improves gut health by increasing bacterial diversity and balancing gut bacteria.

Program Benefits

How it works

Online Program

JivaHealth Restore is a completely virtual weight loss program. 100% telemedicine care delivered via our JivaHealth App. Medications, microbiome kit, and supplements delivered free to your home.

Monthly Provider Visit

UCLA-trained board-certified medical doctors develop the program. You will work personally with a medical provider who will help tailor a personalized diabetic care program.

Individualized nutritional plan

In addition to your weekly coach visits, you will partner with an obesity specialist who will guide your weight loss journey. This begins with a comprehensive medical evaluation


Microbiome Analysis

Microbiome Analysis is included in the program. We tailor a diet and prescribe supplements to restore balance to your microbiome.

Losing weight and managing diabetes is more than following a meal plan and taking your medication. It can be overwhelming to figure out what you should eat, how much cardio you need, and how to get better control over your blood sugars. That’s where we come in! Our Personal Diabetes Coaching will help you take the guesswork out of managing diabetes to focus on achieving your goals.

Prescription Weight Loss Medication and supplements delivered to your home

Touchless delivery of all medication and supplements to you.
Prescription weight loss medication is available only for those who medically qualify.

Key features of the Restore Program

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Our Weight Loss Program Incorporates

Medically Supervised

Program is developed by UCLA trained board-certified medical doctors. You will work personally with a medical provider who will help you tailor a personalized weight loss program.

Real Food

We provide customized nutritional guidance based on your unique metabolism and microbiome.

Weight Loss Medications and Supplements

Access to prescription and nutraceutical medications to help jump start your weight loss journey.


Microbiome is your core metabolic engine. If unbalanced, it can lower your metabolism and promote weight gain. Included in program, is a free microbiome analysis.

Online Weight Management

You never have to leave your home. 100% telemedicine care delivered via our JivaHealth App. Medications, microbiome kit, and supplement delivered free to your home.


Incorporating cutting edge science, we analyze and personalize care based on your unique physiology.Your provider and coach will review your labs, hormones, underlying medical history, microbiome and tailor a program to help restore your metabolism and achieve your desired weight loss.

1 on 1 Personalized Care

No group sessions. Personalized weekly 1 on 1 coaching

Real Results

Average weight loss of 40lb in 4 months.

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