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00Days 23Hours 46Minutes 28Seconds



Only supplements can be ordered from the shop but not the prescribed medication.

No. There is no shipping cost.

Products will be shipped via USPS.

Generally it will be delivered within 3 days. It may take little longer based on the location.

1 session per week- atleast

Patient may choose with DM Coaching session or w/out coaching but focus on monitoring of blood glucose and laboratories.



HMO/PPO- However may DM us your insurance info so we can run a Prior auth verification

we DON’T take: John Muir Medical insurance and Partnership Health Plan

Can stay with the program until for BG reading and other laboratories will maintained at goal.

Pt can request to withdraw the program if there is changes with her insurance that won’t or no longer covers.

Once a week for health coach (four times per month), once a month for provider or as needed.

 Initial visit is one hour (45mins coach, 15 mins prov) next visits to come regardless if for coach or prov will just be 15 min.

Weight loss management app use, weighing scale and gut microbiome analysis kit

 Self pay (recurring payment) or insurance

Yes. As long as it is communicated with the team for proper offboarding

Call Restore team and provide availability.

Through the JivaHealth app, walkthrough of the app is provided once enrolled or call Restore tea.

Can be delivered via ALTO pharmacy or it may be picked up at the nearest office in your are.

Yes, out of pocket expense. Where can I check these details — You may call us or contact us via soc med or website (provide infographic).

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