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JivaHealth – 4Biotic Prebiotic Resistant Starch



Net Weight: 16oz (1lb / 454g)

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  • Four synergistic resistant starches (Inulin, Potato starch, Green banana, white bean)
  • Produces SCFA (short chain fatty acid)
  • Prebiotic food for good gut bacteria
  • Works on your colon


Suggested Use:

  • Mix 1-2 Tablespoon in water, cereal, or blend in smoothie
  • Drink before dinner to suppress hunger
  • Initial flatulence will clear after 2-3 weeks




A blend of 4 resistant starch prebiotics, which cultivates beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in the gut to alleviate constipation, and leaky gut, aid with sugar stability, and fat burning.

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