Kusum Bhat, Phd

Biofeedback, Obesity Medicine

Dr. Kusum Bhat is a certified Biofeedback specialist with a doctorate in clinical psychology specializing in behavioral modification.

She has previously interned at the Children’s Hospital in Oakland, Battered Women’s Alternative, Hume Center in Concord, and the Contra Costa County Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Service.

Dr. Bhat also worked as a mental health specialist at the Contra Costa County Hospital in Martinez, California.
She is currently the Concord Weight Loss Clinic’s clinical director and a professor at Saybrook University, San Francisco, for doctorate students.

Dr. Kusum Bhat has unique expertise in behavioral medicine and how behavioral factors affect weight gain. Her doctoral dissertation was on The Role of Biofeedback Assisted Anger Control in Reversing Heart Disease. Moreover, she has also taught at the University of California, Berkeley. She has held workshops worldwide on Heart and Anger Control, Emotional Intelligence by Self-disclosure, and New Science of Slimming.

kusum bhat
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