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MCT oil powder is one of the top superfoods in our Jivahealth weight loss program.


    MCT oil powder is easily digestible

  • Immediate energy source for your brain and body
  • It promotes and sustains nutritional ketosis
  • It reverses brain fog of “hungry and loopy” by providing brain food of ketones
  • It is perfect for our 16/8 fasting as a breakfast supplement
  • It works as a metabolic switch from carb burning to fat burning mode, just like a hybrid car

What is MCT oil?

MCT oil refers to Medium Chain Triglyceride. Although it is fat, it is quickly consumed as energy, thus is not stored as fat. Besides, it helps to burn fat.

There are 4 different types of medium-chain triglycerides found in food. 

MCTs are classified according to the length of their carbon chain.

The length of each MCTs and their concentration in foods is what determines their effects.

Four different type of MCT oil based on how many carbon atoms in each.

  1. Caproic acid (C6): Quickly converted to ketones. 1% of coconut oil.
  1. Caprylic acid (C8): Promotes healthy gut bacteria and heals leaky gut. 12% coconut oil.
  2. Capric acid (C10): Turns into ketone in liver. 10% coconut oil.
  3. Lauric acid (C12): Slower conversion to ketone, 77% of coconut oil. It has anti-inflammatory property like topically applied coconut oil.

Jivahealth MCT powder is fractionated and purified from coconut oil. It contains mainly C8, and C10 MCT oils with 5 different metabolic focus:

  1. Nutritional ketosis and increase of insulin sensitivity.
  2. Switch fuel source to fat burning.
  3. Balances gut bacteria
  4. Hunger control
  5. Craving control

MCT Oil vs. MCT Powder

MCT supplements come in two forms: oil and powder. 

The main difference? The powdered supplement is more portable and convenient than MCTs in oil form.

Why Choose MCT Oil Powder?

  • Easier on the digestive system.
  • Easier to mix into baking because of its dry texture.
  • Eliminates oily residue (perfect for the kitchenette at work, road trips, and camping)
  • Easy to ship or transport.

MCT oil Dosage

A more common dose is a tablespoon once or more each day[*][*].

If you have sensitive stomach, start with one teaspoon and build up to 1 tablespoon (3 teaspoon) over 1-2 weeks.

Once your body adjusts to MCTs, you can then increase to a tablespoon several times per day. 

Strategies for Supplementing MCTs

Try adding MCT oil or powder to your regular meals and drinks:

Coffee, tea, or other warm drinks


Baking, salads etc.

Unique features and benefits of Jivahealth MCT powder


  • Formulated with ultra-pure, high-quality C8 & C10 fatty acids from coconut oil
  • MCT powder directly metabolized by the liver to support optimal energy production and endurance
  • Perfect for intermittent fasting and ketogenic (keto) diets
  • Supports fat burning and weight loss by increasing metabolic thermogenesis
  • High caprylic acid content encourages a healthy and balanced gut microbiome
  • Flavorless liquid mixes easily in warm or cool beverages, baking mixes, soups, and salad dressings

Jivahealth MCT Oil is perfect for anyone :

  • To support weight loss by switching to fat burning
  • For fasting mimicking diet and16/8 intermittent fasting
  • To balance gut microbiome and heal leaky gut.
  • To counter Candida overgrowth or dysbiosis
  • To replace messy MCT oil with easily dissolvable powder.


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